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What makes Latepreneurs successful?


Riding the courage wave with humility and perseverance is one of the secret gems to being a successful Latepreneur. It takes supreme courage to dive into one’s vulnerabilities along the entrepreneurship journey. It requires pushing out your personal boundaries. Popping open ceilings that limit your growth. And expanding your version of who YOU are. To rustle deep and overcome snippets of failure, massive roadblocks, unclear paths. Risking it all for an idea, or feeling you have strong in your heart, will shine the light on how you handle courage like few other endeavors.

Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely game. You’re often left alone to work through your self-doubt. There are periods where courage feels like it’s left the building and you flop and flail. Fear attaches it’s pernicious hooks and runs rampant in a hotbed of swirling emotions. There are moments that you’re not sure if you’re up or down. This is the point in which you need to turn to someone, get out of your head, and re-direct that fear into something productive.

Latepreneurs are of the age where they feel they have something bigger to lose—people depending on them financially and emotionally. I would agree. That’s precisely why it’s imperative to build the courage muscle by having someone in your corner that you trust completely.

Who do Latepreneurs turn to? Old friends? Family? They love you, but are often the hardest people to share your roller coaster of anxiety. They hear the palpable fear bursting out and want to fix it...immediately. Their reaction can come in the form of anger (fear by another name) and can sometimes suggest that you leave the entrepreneur path entirely and move to the safety of the conventional; the already trodden path. The danger the Latepreneur is facing may be real, but fear is a choice. It’s how we choose to work through obstacles with courage, builds our character and lead us to success.

So, who to turn to? Find someone who can be entirely in your corner. This coach, accountability group, or Latepreneur whisperer (me!) offers ‘in your corner-ness’, a support of a whole other level. A relentless, whole-hearted, non judgmental yet brutally honest, emotional tie that’s there on tap. When the cycle of fear starts up, the courage needs to be drawn out in the right ways.

If you're following your passion, who do you have in your corner?

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