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    For the past 20 years, I've been an agent of innovation for organizations driven to make creative brand engagement a priority. I enable entrepreneurs and businesses to find their voice, plot a path, stay on track with goals and cultivate their unique spark. I’m the emotionally intelligent super support who thrives on keeping people accountable.


    What I'm really good at:


    Building Creative Culture & Engaging Brands

    Team Development

    Change Leadership


    Innovative Education



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    "Hope's added a sense of vitality

    and solid strategic direction to

    everything we've done at


    Kirsten Chase,


  • My Nature

    I have a knack for finding the pulse of something and amplifying it.

    The Real Deal

    When you meet me, you meet me. Demonstrating authenticity and storytelling runs through my veins. I’m allergic to jargon (so much so I’ve made up a recipe for it: jargonnaise) and instead cut to simple and creative human language. A natural catalyst to social change, I’m always discovering ways to matchmake people together under a common goal and build my rich network of people and organizations.

    Dot Connector

    Over the past 20 years, I’ve honed my ability as a cultural chameleon. I get kicks from being able to work with absolutely everyone—all operational levels to the CEO. I'm a natural linker and form a bridge between the executive suite and the front lines. I become the glue between different groups: clients, various departments, management teams, owners, and partners.


    Social coordination is fundamental to how I work and what I believe in. I really give a sh*t about the why and the what I'm involved in; and channel this energy into driving bottom line results.

    I lead by example, and have an uncanny ability to morph and fill in any holes that may show up in a team to ensure the work gets done.


    I'm addicted to learning and sharing and love broadcasting my findings within my network. Instead of in-your-face sharing, I prefer to send out little pulses to help other people out. Brainstorming ideas and cultivating new concepts into reality makes me tick.


    I have heaps of interests, but food and kids are at the centre of my universe. When I’m not eating food, I'm sniffing it out, gathering it, cooking with it or teaching people about it. And I’m a mother of two amazing kids. I believe strongly in the spirit, personality and potential of a little person.



    "Hope is inspiring! She dives in and wrangles any new challenge with incredible energy and

    terrific optimism. Her contribution and impact on Rainbow Plate has been nothing short of


    Janet Nezon, Founder of Rainbow Plate

  • Experience

    Super Nanny

    Founder (2015 - Present)

    I work with businesses and people that inspire me. Think of me like a personal trainer for brand and culture.

    • Customer & Product Development I have an innate skill for nurturing ideas and getting others excited about them.

    • Fun Police Lets face it. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves. There is a way for all businesses to weave some fun into their practice. I don't take this lightly. In order to engage your market, you need to employ some fun ingredients. I pull this fun spark out and weave it into how you engage clients, online community and ambassadors.

    • Culture Starter Creating a solid, sticky brand culture is like sourdough. With the right starter—a fizzy bit of personality, and a process of gentle fermentation, and kneading, you can make a tasty, hearty loaf that will continue to tell its own story. I dig helping to build brands with this authentic flavour so they stand out in the crowd.

    • Bootstrapper This is the world I've grown up in. I understand how to do things on a budget and thrive in that environment. My network is broad and I'm always happy to help recruit whoever needed to get the job done well.

    • Mother Hen Vibe Think of me like the sounding board on tap. I enable you to build confidence, stay on track with goals and communicate your business effectively. I’m the emotionally intelligent super support who thrives on keeping people accountable.

    Kidevolve, Toronto

    Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer (2015-2016)


    *Mindfulness is trending right now. With brands and applications popping up for adults, there are few amazing programs helping kids to build out their social emotional learning. Kidevolve is on a mission to build a brand with personality that supports innovative and fun mindfulness tools for kids at school and home.

    Building Creative Culture & Engaging Brands

    *Designed, implemented, and evaluated a marketing plan with a strong social media presence, including: Creative Mind Journeys, blog posts and targeted social media campaigns to increase brand followers by 100% in 6 months

    *Helped to design and launch the Kidevolve website, facebook and newsletter

    Team Development

    *Founded a Kidevolve Ambassador program to engage parents and teachers to reach more kids with mindfulness programs

    *Recruited and managed the training of selected teachers to deliver Kidevolve mindfulness programming to kids

    Change Leadership

    *Built partnerships with community leaders wanting to give back to supporting social emotional learning in kids


    *Wrangled process and effective day-to-day operation of the organization

    Innovative Education

    *Worked with schools to bring mindfulness programs to where kids are learning



    Rainbow Plate, Toronto

    Executive Director (2014-2016)


    *My leadership, operational optimization, and pure passion for igniting this brand in the past year has catapulted Rainbow Plate to becoming a leader in its field.

    Building Creative Culture & Engaging Brands

    *Designed, implemented, and evaluated a marketing plan with a strong social media presence, including: Youtube videos and targeted social media campaigns that increased brand followers by 200%

    *Designed and launched an eye-poppingly vibrant new website with original images, videos, copy and SEO

    Team Development

    *Founded and managed a Rainbow Food Ambassador program, which attracted over 20 interns and staff to help implement Rainbow Plate programming

    Change Leadership

    *Worked closely with founder to facilitate bringing Rainbow Plate’s personality to the surface, and give her the tools and confidence to stand out as a leader in her field


    *Oversaw the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization, including: optimizing sales and marketing to increase sales by 47% in one year, and sourcing funding and exploration of food procurement and logistics partnerships

    *Improved operations and profitability by reducing costs, streamlining systems, attracting corporate partners and increasing clients by 30%

    Innovative Education

    *Established the Rainbow Food Education Foundation—the not-for profit-arm of Rainbow Plate. This includes founding and chairing the board, and developing the vision and strategic communications to guide the organization.

    *Researched funding sources, oversaw the execution of fundraising proposals to increase the organization's budget. Secured a research grant from Ryerson University to evaluate the impact of this evidence-based approach to food education.

    Real Food For Real Kids (RFRK), Toronto

    Director Of Engagement (2005-2013)


    *Hired as employee #1 at Real Food For Real Kids, I joined as a client manager and in the span of 8 years I moved my way up through sales, operations, menu development, founding an education program and landing as the Director of Engagement

    Building Creative Culture & Engaging Brands

    *RFRK Culture Creator—Attracted and maintained a talented team of 120 people with the knowledge, skills, energy, and passion to launch the company vision and mission into reality. Subsequently, RFRK appeared on the Globe and Mail’s list of best Canadian workplaces in 2011 and 2012.

    *Developed key customer service initiatives that led to a 99% customer retention, including: Client Advisory Board, engagement events, marketing and social media campaigns.

    Team Development

    *Recruited for and directed the internal engagement strategy for a growing team of up to 120 employees, 10 direct reports, and 250 clients with annual sales of $7m

    Change Leadership

    *Worked with owners and Executive team to build a climate of trust and regular communication to improve staff performance, supporting them to work effectively to handle a growth rate of over 1000%, which led to RFRK being ranked #42 on the Profit 200 list of Canada’s fastest-growing companies


    *Led a 10-member cross-functional team to develop, execute and manage the performance of 28 menu launches, including launch parties, recipe testing, tasting and management of the operational logistics of RFRK's industry-leading menus

    Innovative Education

    *Co-founded the RFRK Education Program in 2005 to help differentiate RFRK from competitors. Was primary fundraiser to fuel this added-value component to the business. Under my management, the program delivered hands-on food education to over 5000 kids, teachers and parents in the GTA. It still provides valuable food and nutrition support and education to client partners.


    Paterson & Pendergast Catering

    Co-Owner (2003-2005)

    • PEI oyster shucking services and wholesale to restaurants, bars and private parties
    • Designed and delivered high end catering for weddings and parties in Toronto, PEI and Montreal









    Kiddy Kitchen, PEI

    Owner & Operator (2003)

    Designed and delivered the first kids cooking camp in PEI, Canada

    • Delivered hands-on food programming to over 250 kids across Prince Edward Island

    Kids Cooking Curriculum—Thai Christian School & Kesinee International School, Bangkok

    Curriculum Development & Delivery (2002-2003)

    Authored first food based curriculum that used food as the medium to teach children in Kindergarten to Grade 4 about English, Science, Math and Geography

    • Delivered the program successfully to over 500 students in Bangkok

    Hope’s Oasis Restaurant & Bar, Laos PDR

    Co-Owner (2001-2002)

    Co-founded the first foreign owned restaurant in Vang Vieng, Laos with seating for 125 people.

    • Recruited and trained 15 local staff members
    • Established a successful food procurement strategy from Thailand
    • Maneuvered through the complicated communist regime to develop process, financial systems and a profitable business
    • In three months of operations, we were able to sell the business and double our investment
  • "Hope is a super fantastic person who brings absolutely every part of her being into creating stunning results for an organization. She's an asset to any mission-driven company."

    David Farnell, CEO Real Food For Real Kids

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  • Education

    International Development StudiesBachelor of Arts (BA


    This degree enabled me to think critically and act on a global scale. The program implored us to find solutions to big problems. I graduated with a solid foundation to act and reflect on my actions and to put both into a larger framework of development theory.








    The companies that get engagement right can enjoy a surplus of competitive advantage in talent strategy and business results that is hard for others to replicate. 

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